US Beverage Launches Daura Damm Crafted to Remove Gluten IPA

United States Beverage, LLC (USB) has brought Daura Damm IPA, a new imported, crafted to remove gluten beer, to major US markets. Daura IPA is produced in Barcelona by the Damm Brewery, Barcelona's only large brewery and a pioneer in brewing crafted to remove gluten beer.

"US Beverage has been proud to import and distribute the "US Beverage has been proud to import and distribute the Daura portfolio of award-winning beers since 2010," said Justin Fisch, President, US Beverage. "US beer lovers, whether gluten intolerant or not, have embraced these beers from day one, and we are confident that Daura IPA will only strengthen the brand's broad appeal."

DAURA is the world's most award winning crafted to remove gluten beer brand. A proprietary brewing process strips the gluten protein from the barely malt, leaving only the "real beer" taste. Because the gluten protein has been stripped away, Daura IPA's gluten content level is less than 20 parts per million (ppm), the threshold for gluten free products established by the US Food & Drug Administration.

Celiac's Disease (CD) is an allergy to the gluten protein, which is commonly found in wheat and other grain products (pasta, bread, pizza). Studies indicate that as many as 1 in 133 Americans have a form of CD. There is no cure, only avoidance and dietary changes.

"IPAs have dominated the craft beer space for some time, and adults living with Celiac's Disease had limited options when it comes to wanting something that tastes like a real beer," said Fisch. "Daura is the recognized leader in crafted to remove gluten beer, and we're thrilled to have an IPA addition to the portfolio."

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