Community Spirit Vodka Certified as a B Corp.

Community Spirit Vodka, New York, has been certified a B Corporation (B Corp), in recognition of the high social and environmental performance, commitment to all stakeholders, and transparency in performance towards the high standards established by B Lab.

"We created The Community Spirit Vodka to celebrate and support more directly celebrate and support those individuals and organizations working hard to better their local communities," said Moises Guindi, Casa Lumbre Co-Founder and CEO. "The year-long B Corp Certification process presented an opportunity to learn and evaluate how we do business and innovate with how and where we can push ourselves in the communities we serve, and in the employment practices we use.

"This process made a meaningful impact; in 2022 alone, The Community Spirit has given back 24% of revenue to partners trough events, bottles and cocktails working directly for their causes."

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