Control States Spirits Volume Up 1.9%, Sales Up 3.4% in August

Total Control States spirits sales grew 1.9% in 9L case volume with a positive 3.4% growth in dollar sales showing a resultant 1.5% price mix, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association reports.   The rolling 12-month results remain constant, up0.5% in 9L volume and 3.4% in dollar sales.

Tequila and Cocktails (driven by canned cocktails) continue to be the growth drivers in August with all other categories either declining or close to flat other than Domestic Whiskey which was up 2.3%. The growth in Other Imported Whisky +11.8% is driven predominantly by two brands.

Wine declined by4.8% in 9L volume and 4.2% in dollar sales for the month (an improvement on last month) showing a negative price mix of -0.6% vs the rolling 12-month result of -5.9% in 9L volume and -2.5% in sales.  The six markets where the state is the sole wholesaler for wines account for 99.5% of the $Vol.

For spirits, the On-Premise channel returned to growth, gaining 5.3% in 9L volume with a larger dollar sales growth of +11.4% showing a positive price mix of +6.1%.  Rolling 12-month 9L volume remains high at +27.4% with sales up 34.2%.  The channel represents 17.7% of the total Control States spirits value for August up from 16.3% for Rolling 12-months.  Wines in the channel were down 3.4% in 9L volume and up 2.4% in $Vol.

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