Peroni Introduces Non-Alc Beer, Peroni 0.0, and F1 Sponsorship in the U.S.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, the Italian import lager, is launching a new non-alcoholic beer, Peroni 0.0, and a new American sponsorship of Formula 1 racing.

“We’re always finding ways to bring Italian flair into drinkers’ lives,” Joy Ghosh, vp-marketing for above premium brands, told the Molson Coors Distributors Convention.

The brand’s plans for 2023 include reiterating its Italian heritage in retail and the on-premise, while leaping into the fast-growing non-alc beer segment with the introduction of Peroni 0.0 in select regions in early 2023.

The beer will launch as consumers increasingly gravitate toward non-alc beers, boosting the segment more than 15% versus last year, according to IRI data, while alcohol-free above-premium beers have grown more than 30%.

Non-alc beers are quickly shedding a reputation as bland beer alternatives and instead mirror the flavor of their full-strength counterparts.

“Peroni 0.0 has been formulated to get as close to the classic Peroni taste as possible,” said Ghosh.

Peroni 0.0 will extend its global sponsorship of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team to the U.S. and allow the brand to show up at three major races across the U.S. next year, in Austin, Miami and on the Las Vegas strip.

“F1 represents a premium, aspirational partnership that is perfect for Peroni,” Ghosh said.

Peroni has surged in the on-premise since bars and restaurants reopened, growing faster than competitors, Ghosh said. He credits Peroni’s success in part to its brand ambassador program, which has help it grow 10 points faster than in other markets. To keep its foot on the gas, Peroni will double the size of the program next year, Ghosh said.

That program has worked in tandem with a lively new TV ad, “Live Every Moment,” featuring idyllic views of the Amalfi Coast. All tie back to the brand’s efforts to showcase its Italian roots, helping it muscle its way into the conversation around import beers.

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