Cooper Mountain Vineyards Acquires Oregon's Lia Vineyard

Cooper Mountain Vineyards, a pioneer in Willamette Valley winemaking since its establishment in 1978, said it acquired Lia's Vineyard, a 50-acre properety nestled in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. This strategic purchase reunites the original upper half of the historic Jacob Hart Estate after nearly two decades.

Lia's Vineyard, first planted in the early 1990s by Paul Hart of Rex Hill, was sold to Todd Hansen in 2005. The vineyard stands from 560 to 380 feet, offering a picturesque view with a primarily due south aspect. The soil, predominantly Jory--a dark reddish-brown silty clay loam--transforms into a sedimentary series around the 400' contour, adding to its unique terroir.

Hansen said he was "confident that under their stewardship, Lia's Vineyard will thrive and continue producing exceptional grapes while I can focus on making wine from said grapes at my winery project Longplay Wine."

In 2018, Cooper Mountain acquired Corrine Vineyard, next to Lia's Vineyard. Corrine Vineyard was initially planted as part of the Jacob Hart Estate alongside Lia's until their separation into two distinct vineyards in 2005. Dr. Bob Gross, the founder of Cooper Mountain Vineyards, said:

"From a winegrowing perspective, I see this vineyard as a Yin and Yang. The Marine Sedimentary soils of Corrine are the yang, and the Jory soils of Lia are the yin. Realigning this vineyard brings the balance back to this special place. We are thrilled to be able to do so."

With the addition of Lia's Vineyard, Cooper Mountain Vineyards now boasts seven vineyards, spanning more than 375 acres, over 200 acres of which are planted to vineyards. This marks the winery's fourth acquisition in the Chehalem Mountains within the past five years, including Chehalem Mountain Vineyard and Arborbrook Vineyard.

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