Torres Distillers Offers a 900-Bottle Luxury Reserve Brandy

In 1985, the same year Matias Llobet joined the Torres winery in Barcelona, Spain, a small reserve of the best Parellada brandies of that year was set aside, only three barrels, which were stored in the aging cellar of Vilafranca del Penedès, a place known as "El Mamut" ("the mammoth") for its age and size. For the next 30 years, Matias Llobet observed, cared for, and tasted these reserves to see how they would evolve over time.

Now, Juan Torres Master Distillers, is releasing the brandy, Reserva del Mamut. It's being presented in a handmade glass bottle, with gold details and a Limousin oak stopper. Each of the 999 bottles is numbered by hand by the master distiller. The luxurious case, also made of oak, contains a book revealing the secrets behind the production of this collector's brandy. SRP: $3000.

"As the years go by, a special relationship forms between the master distiller and the distillate; a dialog and connection are created that is difficult to explain. This is the most exciting moment in my career: launching this small reserve of the first brandy I made and to which I've dedicated my entire life as master distiller, so that other people can enjoy it", said Matias Llobet.

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