Coors Light to Be Featured in Super Bowl Ads

In the wake of the Dylon Mulvaney transgender influencer mess, Anheuser-Busch must regret having relinquish its exclusive sponsorship of the Superbowl. If there ever was a time when an advertiser would want to dominate a consumer's mind, this would be it. With 26.8% in the week ended Aug. 19 – one of a string of losses  since she displayed a Bud Light last April.

Now Molson Coors is rubbing the sale into A-B's face, so to speak, announcing that Coors Light would be the sponsor in the center ring of the Super Bowl. Anheuser-Busch products will be just one of several beer brands advertising, not the way to own a consumer's mind.

It's not just the Super Bowl where the Molson Coors brand is seeking to be front-of-mind among consumers.  It also wants to own college game day for the season, according to Lauren Flicher, associate marketing manager.

The more robust playbook this year will include ESPN's"Collee Game Day," thematic packaging and "the ultimare tailgating accessory, the Chill Throne."

The Chill Throne includes a cup holder to chill your Coors Light, a tap handle to turn a Coors Light can into a draught beer, a back massager, Bluetooth speakers, an astroturf footrest and more. While its initial run is sold out online, legal-age fans can enter for a chance to win one of their own.

“Our decision to feature Coors Light in next year’s big game comes after several years of improving results and at a time of game-changing momentum for Molson Coors, especially our biggest brands. Coors Light is the perfect brand to bring more chill when the heat is on at the biggest stage in sports,” says Sofia Colucci, Molson Coors’ chief marketing officer.