Danny Wirtz Elevated to Co-Chairman of Breakthru Beverage Group

Danny Wirtz has been elevated to the role of Co-Chairman of Breakthru Beverage Groupu's Board of Managers. Danny, previously Vice-Chairman, succeeds his father, the late Rocky Wirtz and will join business partner Charlie Merinoff who also serves as Co-Chairman.

The growth and success of Breakthru since we founded the company has been significant and only illustrates the strength of the partnership between the Merinoff and Wirtz families," said Charlie Merinoff. "Danny has effectively influenced the company's long-term strategy, its growth initiatives, and plays a key role in driving our industry relationships. I look forward to our continued success together."

Also announced, Hillary Wirtz, a fourth-generation family member, joins the Breakthru Board as a new member. Hillary has worked in the business for more than 11 years and currently leads the company's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy.

Hillary joins Chad Stone, Brian Onufrychuk, Jacob Onufrychuk and Arthur Wirtz as next-generation family owners serving on the Breakthru Board of Managers.

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