Brock Lindsay, Co-Owner of Succession Wines, Alta Cellars, Dies at Age 40

Brock Lindsay, 40, winemaker and co-owner of Succession Wines and Alta Cellars, of injuries sustained in an utility vehicle accident. Survivors are his wife, Erica, and daughters, Layla and Reese.

After graduating from Montana State University in 2006, he became a structural engineer and project manager for Highmark Concrete Contractors. His projects in the Puget Sound area included construction of the new Highway 520 bridge — officially the Gov. Albert D. Rosellini Bridge — and the latest Manette Bridge in Bremerton.

He began making wine as a hobby, cultivated connections with vintners and got into Washington State University's winemaking program as the winery was turning from a dream to a second career.

In 2014, the Lindsays lost their newly built home  to the Carlton Complex fire that burned for six weeks, scorched more than 256 acres and claimed 300 homes in the Pateros and Alta Lake region.  

The Lindsays launched Succession Wines with 600 cases, opening in 2016 with reds from the 2014 and whites from the 2015 vintages.   They didn't produce wines from the 2014 vintage.

It took just five years for production to increase to 10,000 cases from 2,000 cases.  

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