David Cameron Baker, 86, Proprietor of Larkmead Vineyards

His wife's parents owned Larkmead Vineyards, a 150-acre estate in Napa Valley. When Katharine (Kate) Solari's parents passed away in 1993, Cam and Kate, who had married in 1961, became the proprietors and took great pride and joy in reestablishing Larkmead Vineyards as a historic and highly respected vineyard and winery. Cam passionately experimented with different grape varietals, root stock, and clones to find those best suited for the soil and climate at the estate.

In 2005, longtime friend, fellow Belvedere neighbor, and architect, Howard Backen, designed a new winery to be a natural fit with the rural, pastoral setting of Larkmead Lane. Building upon success, the Barrel Hall and the signature Lark Room were designed and constructed in 2014. Cam consistently invested in farming and winemaking technology to drive Larkmead to achieve its full potential, characterized by the brand heritage and terroir. The revitalization of Larkmead is one of Kate and Cam's greatest achievements and was accomplished in tribute to Kate's parents Polly and Bruno Solari.

David Cameron Baker II is survived by his wife, Kate Solari Baker; his three children, Cameron Baker III, Ann Fitzpatrick Baker, and John Solari Baker; and three grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers: a donation in his name to OLE Health in Napa Valley or the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.