Traverse City Whiskey Offers 3 New Whiskies

Traverse City Whiskey Co. (TCWC), a portfolio of premium whiskeys and bourbon made in Michigan, today unveiled “The Finishing Series,” a set of three types of whiskey (port, cab franc and sherry) finished for up to 12 months in unique wine cases. They are now available for purchase at the company's two tasting rooms (in Traverse City and Ferndale) and online at for $59.99 each.

“Starting with three of our award-winning whiskeys, we further aged them using various wine cases, and captured fond memories of folks’ time here in Traverse City in a bottle,” said Chris Fredrickson, Co-Founder and President, Traverse City Whiskey Co. “Here in Northern Michigan, we don’t just distill whiskey; we distill the spirit of Traverse City itself.”

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