Devil Proof Vineyards Intros Cima Ladera

Devil Proof  Vine yards expands its portfolio, introducing Cima Ladera, a proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, inspired by the unique grand cru site of Farrow Ranch and global winemaking experience of founder Jesse Katz.

The name of the new release, which translates to “top/peak/pinnacle” (Cima) and “hilltop/hillside” (Ladera), reflects the grape sourcing of the wine, which comes exclusively from the higher vines within the esteemed Farrow Ranch—itself part of the upstart Pocket Peak area that the Devil Proof team has championed. This fusion of ideas captures the essence of this exceptional wine—a pinnacle of excellence, proudly perched on the vineyard's highest hillside.

"I’m incredibly thrilled for the continued evolution of the Devil Proof label,” noted Founder and Winemaker Jesse Katz. “Our more intimate and involved work with Farrow Ranch these past couple of years, since acquiring the 80 acre vineyard ranch in 2021, has yielded some tremendous fruit for this new wine, while our library of back vintages for the label has gotten to a point where we finally feel ready—and excited—to share these bottles within the context of an elevated, wide-ranging experience.”

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