DISCUS Praises Texas Bill Allowing Spirits RtDs in Groceries, C-Stores

A bill introduced in the Texas legislature would allow spirits-based ready-to-drink cocktails to be sold in grocery and convenience stores, where they are currently illegal.  

In Texas, beer- and wine-based RTDs can be sold in more than 30,000 locations, including grocery and convenience stores,” said Rep. Justin Holland (R). “Meanwhile, spirits RTDs with the same or lower amounts of alcohol can only be sold in 3,200 locations. My bill closes this loophole, providing economic opportunity to tens of thousands of Texas businesses.”

“Consumers simply don’t understand why they can come into our stores and pick up malt-based seltzers but can’t do the same with their favorite spirits-based canned cocktails,” said Paul Hardin, president/CEO of Texas Food & Fuel Association. “Allowing our members to sell these lower-abv products would not only support their growth, but the growth of many Texas-owned businesses looking to get into the RTD market. These products contain the same or lower amounts of alcohol than beer- and wine-based beverages and there is no reason to treat them differently.”