Washington Senate Panel OKs Tax Cut for Spirits RtDs

The Washington State Senate Labor & Commerece Committee unanimously approved a bill to reduce the tax burden of spirits ready to drink cocktails.  

Currently, spirits-based RTDs are taxed 55 times higher than malt-/beer-based seltzers despite having the same or similar alcohol content.

“Ready-to-drink cocktails are becoming increasingly popular, and this legislation will help remedy the excessive and discriminatory tax on these products,” said Adam Smith, vp-state government relations at the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. “This bill helps Washington meet the growing consumer demand for spirits RTD products by creating a more level playing field for those entering the market, including Washington craft distillers. Spirits RTDs often contain the same or lower amounts of alcohol than beer- and wine-based beverages, so there is no reason to treat them differently.