Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head introduces '2nd Shot to CRUSH the Perfect Toast,' giving failed wedding party toasters a second shot to deliver a seamless celebratory speech.

"When it comes to giving a wedding toast (or crafting your favorite cocktail), we can all understand that oftentimes we might need a second shot," said Dogfish Head Founder & Brewer, Sam Calagione. "'2nd Shot to CRUSH the Perfect Toast' is Dogfish Head's ways of offering one lucky drinker a chance at redemption. Not to mention, they'll also get a year's supply of our award-winning, spirits-based Canned Cocktails, each with two full-proof shots per can!"

Toast turned to a roast, leaving you no reason to boast? You're not alone! In fact, videos using #WeddingFail and #BestManFail have received more than 3M views on social media alone. So, if you're an infamous star of one of those videos or had a similar #fail, use Instagram to tag @DogfishHead in a picture or video detailing your flubbed speech and you may get one-on-one coaching from famed comedy writer Abbi Jacobson to rewrite your toast and help you surprise the newlyweds with a special take two!

"Dogfish Head's '2nd Shot to CRUSH the Perfect Toast' is something we can all relate to – I mean, who hasn't witnessed a flubbed wedding toast or two," said Abbi Jacobson. "And just like Dogfish Head, I think everyone deserves a second shot, both at redemption and in their cocktail. I'm honored to play a role in re-writing one lucky drinker's speech and raising a Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush Canned Cocktail to the unexpecting newlyweds!"