Johnnie Walker Intros Drive to Increase Viewing of Women's Sports

Though women make up more than 40% of all athletes, they receive less than 10% of total sports news coverage. As a brand that has a longstanding commitment to gender equality, Johnnie Walker and Emmy Award-winning actress Hannah Waddingham are on a mission to help close the visibility gap for women in sports. Together, they are encouraging fans across the nation to 'Watch Women Sports' and to recognize the positive impact they can make by simply tuning into a game.

through August 20th, anyone 21+ can go to to learn how to receive 'Match Day Memos' from Hannah and view this summer's game day schedule. These inspirational video reminders will be sent ahead of this summer's most exciting games to ensure fans never miss a match and will also highlight how watching and supporting women's sports can contribute to much needed change for cultural equality. Johnnie Walker is donating $100,000 to its nonprofit partner, the Women's Sports Foundation, to support the critical work they are doing to expand access and opportunities for women in sport so they can play, compete and lead without barriers.

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