DTC Shipment Value Drops 10%

Winery direct-to-consumer shipment value fell 10% versus a year ago to $175 million in June, according to WineBusiness Analytics/Sovos ShipCompliant. Volume for the month dropped 16% to 417,117 cases, which is still more than was shipped in June 2019.

Shipments fell as part of a seasonal decline associated with the onset of warmer weather, which was particularly intense in Texas, California and other key shipping destinations. The warm weather melted an additional 5% off the standard difference between May and June shipments. However, even the lower value came in 21% ahead of June 2019, demonstrating the channel’s growth during the pandemic.

The average bottle price of all shipments rose 6% versus a year ago to $35.03. Shipment data are one of the regular industry metrics reported each month in the Wine Analytics Report.

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