Coors Light Plans to Score with Leagues Cup Promotion

The Leagues Cup, a month-long tournament featuring every team from Major League Soccer and Liga MX, the top professional team in Mexico and the International women's tournament kicks off Friday (7/21) and Coors Light plans to be in the center of  the action.

“Soccer is on fire right now. The fanbase is growing faster than other sports’ and there’s tons of excitement around Leagues Cup and the women’s tournament,” says Maria Shipp, associate marketing manager for Coors Light. “With Leagues Cup, fans will see Coors Light throughout the stadium, on the field and on TV. We will have a highly visible presence for the entire tournament.”

That includes thematic packaging, retail display tools and a new ad in English and Spanish.

The new ad is an extension of its successful “Made to Chill” campaign. Called “The Official Beer of Keeping Fanxiety Chill,” the 30-second spot will air twice each game, and 15- and 6-second versions will also broadcast on digital channels. The ad shows a soccer fan experiencing a roller coaster of emotions as he roots for his favorite team. It’s not until a friend gives him a Coors Light that he’s able to relax.

Click here to see Coors Light's Leagues Cup ad

Coors Light’s visibility extends to the host stadiums, where it will be prominently featured on on-field advertisements. It will be sold or promoted at each of the 26 stadiums hosting games, including in the six markets where the brand has a team partnership: Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and San Jose.

Additionally, Coors Light is hosting watch parties in local markets and is bringing the Leagues Cup trophy to select bars in 10 cities. And it’s hosting on-site tailgate events at 15 stadiums that will include soccer-related activities, including a Coors Light-branded foosball table.

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