Fine-Art Photographer Captures Agave Fields of Tequila Don Julio

Gray Malin, the photographer, traveled to the highlands in Jalisco, Mexico to capture once-in-a-lifetime aerial images over Tequila Don Julio's iconic agave fields. Merging Gray's love of aerial photography with brand founder Don Julio González's love of his land, Gray designed custom umbrellas and placed them amongst traditionally dressed jimadors representative of the legacy of one of Mexico's most beloved tequila brands. The aerial photos are available now to bring the world of Tequila Don Julio into your home by Gray Malin.

"In the same way that Tequila Don Julio revolutionized the tequila category, Gray Malin has paved the way in photography with his signature aerial style and celebration of beautiful destinations all over the world," shares Stacey Cunningham, Director of Tequila Don Julio. "Gray creates for the love of it, just as Don Julio González did, and this partnership is a celebration of just that - creating Por Amor."