Fireball's Father's Day Gift Idea

Fireball's Father's Day Gift Idea
(Credit: Fireball Whisky)

Fireball Whisky has come up with a clever Father's Day gift idea that goes on sale Friday, July 7, at 10 a.m. – a No. 5 iron with five compartments to hold Fireball shooters. The club has Fireball's dragon on its face, a red shaft and a leather grip. SRP: $24.99.

"Golf is a game about shots - taking them, making them and everything in between. So, as the world's No. 1 shot brand, we thought we were in a unique position to caddie the game forward and towards a bit more unexpected fun on the course," said Danny Suich, global brand director for Fireball. "We know our fans already enjoy celebrating – or mourning – their performance on the green with a birdie shot, but it can be hard to get our sweet cinnamon delight onto the course. With the Fire Iron golfers everywhere can play with fire and come out on top – regardless of what your scorecard says."

The golf club not designed to be used as sporting equipment, the brand says. .

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