Flor de Caña launches the 2023 Sustainable Cocktail Challenge

The third edition of the Sustainable Cocktail Challenge – a global cocktail competition that aims to inspire bars and bartenders to be more eco-friendly and integrate sustainable practices into their everyday operations. With this initiative, Flor de Caña is joining forces with bars to set new standards for sustainability, leading the way to a greener future for the spirits category.

Flor de Caña Rum is the world’s first Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified spirit made using 100% renewable energy.

“What sets the Sustainable Cocktail Challenge apart from other cocktail competitions is that the competition doesn’t end when the contest does,” said Dan Nevsky, a globally renowned mixologist, who has partnered with Flor de Caña to promote the Sustainable Cocktail Challenge. “Talking about sustainability practices is only the first step in a longer path to a better future.” Flor de Caña works closely with bartenders to highlight the importance and benefits of adopting sustainable practices beyond the competition.

Registration is open until Aug. 15th by visiting www.flordecanachallenge.com and completing the online form for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts who are interested.

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