Father's Day 2d Most Valuable Sunday in 2023: CGA

That's according to Matthew Crompton, regional director-North America.  "Father's Day on June 18, proved to be the 2nd most valuable Sunday of 2023 for the average outlet in the U.S. On Premise, with total sales velocity up +49% vs the average Sunday of the year to date, and up +8% vs Father’s Day last year.

“In the past few weeks, the US On Premise has seen positive trends, which have led to a continued increase in velocity compared to the previous year," he said. The most recent week saw growth as a result of an increase in both traffic (+4%) and check value (+3%). With the exception of Illinois, all key states are up vs 2022, with the strongest increases experienced in California (+6%) and Florida (+6%).

"These promising trends in the US On Premise are particularly encouraging to see. They highlight the significant value of major events and reveal the potential for suppliers, brands, and operators to capitalize on when planning for future occasions,” Crompton said.