Genesee Brewers Release New Line of Limited-Edition Beers

Genesee announced a new line of premium beers, starting with an Imperial Stout next week. The Genesee Brewers Series will feature premium beers released twice annually in limited quantities. Each beer style will be handpicked by Genesee's brewing team, selecting styles that they enjoy drinking and don't often make in the larger brewery.

The first selection is an Imperial Stout that consists of a combination of high-quality pale, chocolate, black and caramel malts along with cacao nibs to create a bittersweet flavor and notes of chocolate. Fermented with historical Genesee Ale yeast, this combination of ingredients creates an approachable, yet bold, rich, and flavorful aromatic brew. The stout has a rich, dark chocolate color and sits at 8% ABV.

Genesee's graphic artists designed the can art to mirror the vintage stained glass Genesee Beer signs that became popular in the 1970s. A nod to Genesee's rich heritage, the signs and lights were prominently displayed in bars and restaurants and have now become coveted collectables for Genesee fans everywhere.