Grand Marnier Launches New Campaign

Grand Marnier's new Grand Encounter campaign is made up of six mini-films shot by multi-award winning British Director, Jake Nava, most notable for his diverse work with the music industry’s top talent such as Beyoncé, Adele and Britney Spears, among others. Throughout the films, Grand Marnier is shown alongside other grand encounters including the beautiful but uncharacteristic combination of a ballet dancer and street dancer, or the uplifting collaboration between a classical pianist and upbeat DJ.

Each film, which has a music video vibe and distinctive soundtrack, celebrates the grand encounters unlocked by these unexpected meetings, a metaphor for Grand Marnier’s Cognac and bitter Orange liqueur pairing.

The Grand Encounter campaign will reach consumers across digital, print and POS channels to communicate the power of the unexpected.

With the new brand campaign, Grand Marnier aims to connect with consumers who are looking for ways to elevate their cocktail experience, putting two hero cocktails to the fore: The Grand Margarita, and introducing the Grand Smash.

Also featured in the mini-series is Grand Marnier’s Cuvée Louis-Alexandre blend, created and namedin honor of Grand Marnier’s founder, in 1977.

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