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Why Industry Professionals Are Rethinking the Language of Wine

To become more inclusive and accessible, a growing industry movement is questioning traditional, often Eurocentric wine descriptors both in the classroom and on the floor. (SevenFifty Daily)

Vineyard owners hope wet winter leads to an excellent vintage of wine

"You know, in 2017 we had something very similar," explained Rod Santos, General Manager at William Harrison Vineyards & Winery. "We had a very wet winter after five years of drought." (CBS Bay Area)

Lina Khan’s dangerous liaison into alcohol, it is not just about Southern

The FTC recently opened an investigation into Southern for possible violations of the Robinson-Patman Act, which prohibits a supplier from offering better prices to retailers at the expense of smaller competitors.  The Robinson-Patman Act has laid dormant for over 20 years until FTC Chair Lina Khan and her cohorts have decided to resurrect this doctrine. Ms. Khan is a believer in the Neo-Brandeis movement, which adheres to the believe that centralized private power is a danger to a democracy’s social and economic conditions. (Irish Liquor Lawyer)