Grand Teton Distillery Releases Private Stock American Single Malt Whiskey

Grand Teton Distillery released its Private Stock American Single Malt Whiskey ($79.95). Aged in used bourbon barrels for seven years, this release is one of the longest-aged American Single Malts on the market. This is Grand Teton’s third bottle in the Private Stock collection and it is now available direct to consumer.

“This is our distillery’s second American Single Malt, and this version truly showcases our craft,” says John Boczar, head distiller at Grand Teton Distillery. “We wanted to create a pure expression of a single malt and this bottle does just that. Not only has it be aged three years longer than our first ASM, it has ten percent more alcohol and has a distinctly unique finish.”

Grand Teton’s Private Stock collection features limited-release, small-batch barrels that have been individually selected, proofed with pure mountain water and hand-bottled.

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