Guinness to Close Baltimore Brewery

The Guinness brewery is on the site of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Relay, a part of Baltimore County, Md.

"After careful consideration and analysis of our supply footprint, we have made the difficult decision to permanently close our manufacturing facility in Relay, Md," by June, the company said in a statement.  Diageo said the decision to close the facility had been made "to ensure long term sustainable growth for Diageo, we are optimizing our existing operations across North America to meet evolving consumer preferences."

"We do not take these decisions lightly and recognize the impact on our employees. For those affected we are providing support in the form of severance packages, outplacement assistance, and employee assistance resources, as well as information on open roles across our organization."  About 97 persons will lose their jobs.

It said the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, which brews experimental beers that are served at the brewery's taproom in a 10-barrel innovation brewery on the ground floor of the visitor center,  will not be affected by the closure.  Diageo noted the Open Gate Brewery contributes to local tourism and the economy, the statement said.  


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