Heaven Hill, Log Still Settle Trademark Dispute Over 'Dant'

Heaven Hill Brands said it and Log Still Distilling, LLC, a family-owned-and-operated spirits company in Nelson County, Ky., have finalized a mutually agreeable resolution of their dispute regarding the usage of the “J.W. Dant” trademark and its associated goodwill, which were purchased by Heaven Hill in 1993.

The resolution, which includes an agreed, permanent injunction that was approved and entered by the U.S. District Court on July 31, 2023, demonstrates that both Heaven Hill and Log Still value the importance of intellectual property rights and maintaining strong, independent brand identities within the spirits industry. In their ongoing efforts to enhance their respective portfolios, the companies have jointly agreed to terms that respect the ownership of existing trademarks and that will prevent any possible confusion around future trademark usage.  Heaven Hill will continue to be the sole producer of J.W. Dant distilled spirits.

"Heaven Hill maintains a product portfolio of respected, historic brands with enduring legacies in the Kentucky Bourbon industry, and continuing that legacy is a priority for our business. This resolution underscores our commitment to protecting our intellectual property and brand equity," said Jessica Pendergrass, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Heaven Hill. “This is a collegial industry built on strong relationships. We value Log Still as a partner in the distilling industry, and wish them continued success in their distilling ventures.”

Wally Dant, the founder of Log Still said, "The uniqueness of the bourbon industry is the collaborative work amongst distilleries. Heaven Hill and Log Still have worked together over the past few years on making a difference in the communities we live and work. That is what's important for each of us. We are glad to resolve this dispute amicably and can now focus more time on developing our distinctive line of products and services. We appreciate the efforts Heaven Hill has made as a fellow family-owned presence in this collective spirits industry and wish them the best in their endeavors. ”

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