Control States Post Volume, Sales Increases

Total Control States spirits 9 liter volume in June  increased 2.3% over a year earlier and 4.9% increase in sales, showing a resultant +2.6% price mix, the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association said.  The rolling 12-month 9L volume results remain positive up 0.5% and +3.4% in $Vol. During June, selling days were flat vs last year with Michigan -7 days, Pennsylvania +5 days and New Hampshire and Utah +1 day each. Pennsylvania sales also impacted by the pending July 3rd ERP update causing licensees to purchase inventory in advance.

Cocktails, driven by Canned RTDs (+46.5% 9L volume and now 68% share of the category), continue to dominate the category growth of +25.6% 9L volume.  Brandy/Cognac, Canadian, Gin, Irish, Other Imported Whiskey, Rum and Scotch all declined in 9L volume in June although only Scotch -1.2% and Brandy/Cognac -13.9% declined in $ Vol.

Wines grew at 7.8% in 9L Volume with 9.4% in $Vol returning a positive price mix +1.6% mainly due to the additional selling days and advance purchases in Pennsylvania.  Rolling 12-month 9L volume was -3.2% with $Vol at +1.0 resulting in a +4.2% price mix.

The On-Premise spirits channel was +3.6% in June with +7.8% growth in $vol resulting in a +4.2% price mix. Pennsylvania +32.5% in 9L volume reflects the advance purchasing by on-premise licensees ahead of the ERP implementation.  The On-Premise wine channel was +11.0% 9L volume with $vol also being positive at +16.9% and +5.9% price mix. Results primarily driven by Pennsylvania +14.1% but also aided by New Hampshire +7.9%.

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