Heaven's Door Taps Speakeasy for Scalable Platfork

Speakeasy Co., an alcohol eCommerce platform, has been hosting Heaven's Door Spirits, a premium whiskey brand co-founded by Bob Dylan, since April, expanding its market to 34 states, shipping directly to consumers.

Heaven's Door is known for its distinctive flavors and unique bottle designs, which feature artwork by Dylan himself. By utilizing Speakeasy's in-house marketing services, new audiences will be introduced to Dylan's legacy and the meticulously blended whiskeys.

"Remaining three-tier compliant has been difficult for alcohol retailers in the past," regards Marc Bushala, co-founder of Heaven's Door and CEO of Spirits Investment Partners. "Speakeasy brings a solution to that roadblock and allows us to reach new markets across the U.S. with bi-coastal fulfillment."

"We're proud to add Heaven's Door's transcendent whiskey to our portfolio of brand partners," says Josh Jacobs, co-founder and CEO of Speakeasy. "The brand will be among the first to leverage our newly launched email and SMS marketing program, providing new audience insight and growth to both of our teams."

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