Illicit Elixirs Signs Wholesaler Contracts

Coming off the heels of e-commerce launches with Walmart and Amazon, Illicit Elixirs is proud to announce distribution partnerships throughout the states of Nevada with Summit Spirits & Wine, Tennessee with the Lipman Brothers, Minnesota and Wisconsin with Webb & Gerritsen, as well as the Southern California region with Tenace Incubation Food & Beverage Distribution.

Distribution with all partners will feature the four inaugural fizzy, flirty and fruit-forward flavors - Let's Party Peaches, Watermelon Lime Thirst Trap, Late Night Fruity Call, Vegas Debauch-A-Berry - all of which include DopaJoy™, Illicit Elixirs' proprietary mix of functional ingredients including vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant that work together to support dopamine production.

"We were strategic about the markets that we wanted to rollout our initial distribution, and having a solid footprint in the locations that truly believe in our kind of brand was an important part of who we chose to work with as distributors as well," says John Valiton, Illicit Elixirs Co-Founder. "Each partner has a strong understanding of what consumers in their respective markets are looking for in their beverage options, and we feel confident that the rapid transition from e-commerce to in-store is indicative of people looking for a fun and playful beverage brand that is also serious about providing functional benefits."

To celebrate the rollout into these new markets, Illicit Elixirs is also introducing their signature cocktail program, which was created in conjunction with Earl Giles. Boasting twelve (12) unique recipes ranging from classics like the Illicit Watermelon Marg and Illicit Sin City Smash to the cheeky and new like the Illicit Party Parfait and Illicit Coconut Fling.

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