Inspiro Tequila Opens Several New U.S. Markets

Inspiro Tequila is now expanding distribution into the key markets of Missouri (with Breakthru Beverage), Georgia (with United Distributors), Massachusetts (with M.S. Walker) and Michigan (with Benchmark Beverage Co. as its sales agent). Additional markets are planned for the first quarter of 2024, including Florida with Breakthru Beverage.

Inspiro Tequila is an ultra-premium, additive-free tequila, meticulously crafted by the legendary
maestra tequilera, Ana Maria Romero. The brand was founded by Mara Smith, a former
attorney in Chicago, who started drinking tequila when she was looking for a “better for you” adult beverage option that fit into her active lifestyle.

Upon discovering that the tequilas she was drinking contained undisclosed additives, she searched for a tequila brand that was additive-free with a look, taste, aroma, and messaging that appealed to her and thoughtful female consumers like her who care about what they eat and drink and the brands they
support. That perfect tequila did not exist, so she decided to create one.

The brand is strategically scaling to new markets. “From the very beginning, we have been focused on thoughtfully entering new markets with the right partners who share our passion and commitment. We selected distributor partners that believe in our vision, care about having diversity in their portfolios, and are excited about the brand’s potential.”

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