Iron Horse Vineyards' New Sparkler Inspired by Space Telescope Images

Inspired by the stunning images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, Iron Horse has created a new Sparkling Wine called Stargazing Cuvée to celebrate such an extraordinary scientific achievement and the astounding beauty of our earliest known beginnings.

"We chose a vintage 2014 Brut LD from our extraordinary cache of bubbly en tirage, developed a special dosage, and disgorged 250 cases of magnums in October 2022," the winery said, adding:

"This Cuvée literally sparkles on your tongue. The bubbles are very tiny and rise in beautiful streaming columns to form a perfect crown. Our mission in crafting the dosage was to steer the wine stylistically to emphasize its bright, racy character with an all-Chardonnay dosage to give in maximum "pop." Iron Horse Co-Founder Audrey Sterling, always in the lead at age 91, came up with the name."

The label shows shows the "Cosmic Cliffs" of the Carina Nebula as captured by NASA's Webb telescope. The scientists say it unveils the earliest, never seen before, rapid phases of star formation.  What looks like a landscape on a bright starry night is really gas and cosmic dust.

The total production 250 cases and costs $195.00 per bottle.  Iron Horse turned around this release in four months from inspiration to its debut on October 28th.  "We hope you will raise a glass of Stargazing Cuvée to toast the amazing scientific achievements that continue to unlock the mysteries of our universe," says Joy Sterling, Partner/CEO.

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