Keystone Light Brings Back The Hunt, Orange Camo Can

Keystone Light Brings Back The Hunt, Orange Camo Can
Photo: Keystone Light

Keystone Light has brought back its popular “The Hunt” promotion, giving legal-age consumers a chance to find a blaze-orange can that signals the start of hunting season. Consumers who find one of the cans hidden in 30-, 24- and 15-packs of Keystone Light get a chance to win exclusive blaze-orange gear from Keystone Light’s partnership with outdoor lifestyle-apparel company Realtree, including jackets, shirts, a cooler and more.

Consumers can also scan a QR code on all other cans, packaging and retail displays for a chance to win Realtree camo gear from Keystone Light, which is also available to purchase online. "The Hunt" goes through Nov. 30.

“The Hunt” and its blaze-orange golden ticket signals the latest way Keystone Light connecting with fans. Earlier this year, it gave drinkers a chance to win a utility vehicle. And it added a popular camo pattern to both its secondary and primary packaging.

For the 13 weeks that ended Aug. 13, volume sales of Keystone Light are up 6% versus last year, according to Circana multi-outlet and convenience store data, says Mauricio Suarez, Associate Marketing Manager for Keystone Light.

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