KickStand Cocktails Available Nationwide

KickStand Cocktails today announced it will be available directly to consumers across the country through Speakeasy, a leading e-commerce and fulfillment solution for alcohol brands, in time to spice up summer. Through this partnership, KickStand Cocktails and its portfolio of vodka-based spicy canned cocktails will now be available to more than 220 million consumers with pre-orders available now and product shipping mid-June at

"We are thrilled to be able to provide the only portfolio of spicy canned cocktails to millions of consumers beginning this week," said Darren Rovell, Founder and CEO, KickStand Cocktails. "The outpouring of positive response from consumers in our retail markets expedited our approach to make it more widely available. As the only offering that dedicates itself to spice, we're proud to fill a void in the market with our refreshing and delicious flavors with varying spice levels to meet the needs of every consumer."

Along with its expanded distribution, KickStand Cocktails will introduce a refreshed look with the evolution of its visual identity to accentuate its distinctive pepper and fruit blends. The updated designs will be featured across product and packaging, as well as a renewed digital and social presence.

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