Le Colline Vineyard's 100% Net Zero GHG a 1st for Napa Valley

Retention of about 70% of existing forestland, an on-site tree planting program and use of electric tractors and transport vehicles are the reason Le Colline Vineyard in the Howell Mountain AVA is able to achieve 100% net zero greenhouse gas emissions, says Dave DiCesaris, co-owner, Le Colline Vineyard.

“After being evacuated during the Glass Fire, it became clear that how we manage our forestland is a serious issue that will largely determine the long term economic and environmental viability of our Le Colline project and the Napa Valley.” said DiCesaris. “We volunteered to create an environmentally responsible agricultural project that provides the financial resiliency needed to protect and preserve our private forestland while achieving meaningful long term fire mitigation and environmental objectives.”

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