Los Magos Launches Limited 6 Year Reserva Sotol

Los Magos Sotol, the most-awarded sotol brand and leader in its spirit category, officially launched its highly anticipated 6 Year Reserva. The new Los Magos 6 Year Reserva was distilled by the late fifth generation sotolero, Don Celso Jacquez, with only six barrels produced and in existence today.

Ethically sourced and wild-harvested from the sotol (Dasylirion) plant native to Northern Mexico, the new Los Magos 6 Year Reserva is devoid of additives, offering a 42% ABV with a distinctive flavor profile that pays homage to the Chihuahuan Desert with notes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom.

"We have officially entered a new dimension of Mexican spirit culture, and sotol, which is currently on track in becoming the next hot Mexican spirit, is leading the charge," explains Ryan Stock, CEO of Los Magos. "Seeing how well the 6 Year Reserva preserves the flavors of its native land is remarkable, and this is only the beginning."

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