Lucas Bols Partners with U. of Central Florida Athletics

Lucas Bols USA said its Ready to Enjoy Cocktails are now available at University of Central Florida home football games. As a UCF partner, Bols Cocktails will be sold at FBC Mortgage Stadium and Addition Financial Arena.

With this newly launched partnership with UCF Athletics, Lucas Bols capitalized on an opportunity to reach consumers in the target market of Florida. Since their launch in 2021, Bols Cocktails has seen tremendous growth in Florida.

This year, UCF fans will be able to enjoy Bols "Charged Up" Espresso Martini and Bols "Canaveral Azul" Margarita while cheering on the Knights. Each of Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails features an expertly-crafted blend of premium spirits, 100% natural flavors, and no preservatives.  

Bols 200 ml Cocktails are part of the ever-growing category of ready to serve cocktails, which brought in an estimated $853.2 million in 2022 and is expected to grow 14% from 2023-2030, according to Grand View Research Trend Analysis Report.  

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