Mala Mia Joins Mezcal Category

Mala Mia Mezcal has joined the spirits industry with the launch of its four expressions: Espadín, Ensamble, Cuishe, and Tepeztate; each expression named after the species of agave that is used to produce the mezcal. Mala Mia’s decision to use different agave plants per expression allows for a well-rounded range, giving vastly different experiences from mouthfeel to finish.

Mala Mia is traditionally distilled by its maestro (master) mezcalero, Saturnino Martínez Méndez in the village of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Made from the hearts of wild-harvested agave, these plants, which can take anywhere between 6-26 years to mature, are cut down whole, which is where Mala Mía got its name. Mala Mia, which roughly translates to “my bad”, is Mala Mia Mezcal’s way of paying respects to the mighty Maguey for so generously giving its life to be reborn as a beautiful spirit.

“Releasing the four expressions at launch was an intentional decision," says Devin Adams, Mala Mia’s Founder. It allows us to quickly and efficiently introduce different varieties of mezcal to consumers, which aligns with our greater mission to familiarize and educate mezcal and tequila drinkers.

"Mezcal is a widely misunderstood spirit. We want to eliminate the perception that mezcal is a ‘smoky tequila.’ That’s neither accurate, nor does it pay respect to the ancient Aztec spirit. We want Mala Mia to be known globally as the brand that expanded and elevated the mainstream perception of mezcal - shifting the narrative to an intriguing, premium spirit category that encompasses a wide spectrum of agave types, flavor profiles, and price points,” he added.

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