Steeplejack Brews NA Pilsners for Roaming Nobles

Steeplejack Brewing Co. is contract brewing Roaming Nobles' two signature Pilsners at its brewery, with more NA beer styles on the way. Roaming Nobles is Oregon's first non-alcoholic craft brewery.

“It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with Roaming Nobles to brew these NA beers,” said Steeplejack Brewing’s Head Brewer, Anna
. “It has been a unique challenge to brew non-alcoholic craft beer while maintaining the traditional brewing process.” Roaming Nobles does not use artificial flavors or rely on equipment to remove alcohol."

“Our beer tastes like beer because it’s made like beer,” says co-founder Marla Hoban. Roaming Nobles uses digitally printed cans and is the first non-alcoholic brewery in Oregon using fully compostable toppers.

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