Malibu Remixes 'Escape' for Summer

Malibu debuts a modern remix of the karaoke crowd pleaser, "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" with pop music and social media sensation, Jax, to introduce summer as a state of mind.

"We're celebrating Malibu's status as the go-to brand for Piña Coladas1 by spotlighting the iconic cocktail's ability to unlock carefree confidence and inspire our consumers to Do Whatever Tastes Good," said Matt Foley, Vice President of Marketing, Malibu. "We hope to further establish the Piña Colada in culture, making it symbolic of a lifestyle not just during the summer, but one that goes beyond that with this feel-good favorite song that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere."

Malibu's collaboration with Jax re-captures the 1979 classic's summer spirit, originally made famous by Rupert Holmes, while reimagining the song for a modern audience.

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