Michelob Ultra Readies 'Country Club' for Big Game

For a while, Bud Light took over a hotel. Now, for the second consecutive year, its sister brand, Michelob Ultra is creating the Michelob Ultra Golf Course in Las Vegas.

On Saturday, February 10, Michelob ULTRA is hosting the hottest party in Las Vegas, providing guests with an exclusive night of golf and music in the country's largest Topgolf. The night will feature performances and appearances by some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment, including Lil Wayne, T-Pain and more to be announced soon.

Join the club today! Starting December 18, guests can purchase tickets to the Michelob ULTRA Country Club by visiting https://www.michelobultra.com/ultracountryclub.

Building off of the success from last year, Michelob ULTRA and Topgolf are rewriting the rules for a party experience by providing fans with a unique blend of sports, entertainment and culture in a way that only Michelob ULTRA can. Here's what guests can expect at the Michelob ULTRA Country Club:

  • Live performances by Grammy award-winning performers, Lil Wayne and T-Pain, across two stages throughout the 3,000-person venue
  • A star-studded guest list with appearances from A-list celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes and more
  • An all-star celebrity golf shoot-out for the ages
  • All-inclusive, premium food & drinks (including Michelob ULTRA, of course) for all ticketed guests and golf bay reservations served from 7 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. PT
  • Big giveaways, including the opportunity to win a new 98" TCL big screen TV
  • Plus, many more immersive experiences and surprises!

"We're thrilled to bring the much-anticipated Michelob ULTRA Country Club to Topgolf Las Vegas during the biggest weekend of the year," said Ricardo Marques, vp-marketing, Michelob ULTRA. "By combining the perfect setting with an incredible line-up of artists, hosts and special guest appearances, we'll create what will truly be a unique experience that seamlessly blends being active with enjoyment, which is something only Michelob ULTRA could deliver."

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