Miller Wine Intros Butternut Sparkling Wine

Miller Family Wine Co. released Butternut Wines' inaugural Sparkling wine. Crafted using the traditional method, it complements Butternut's collection of premium still wines.

Owned by the Miller Family, Butternut is a brand born from the belief that great wine doesn't need to come with a high price tag. Rooted in that ethos, Butternut's newest release is a delightfully approachable sparkling wine sourced from select vineyards in Spain and aged 12 months en tirage. Offering pleasing notes of stone fruit and white flowers, the wine's elegant flavors coupled with its crisp acidity allow it to capture a sense of carefree pleasure that's perfect for the casual occasions in life.

"Butternut wines are crafted around the idea that wine can and should be enjoyed during the everyday moments of life," says Nicholas Miller, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / EVP. "The debut of our sparkling wine not only reinforces our mission to deliver quality wines to a broader audience, but it offers customers a new way to celebrate the joys of life's simple moments, any day of the week."

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