Molson Coors Plans for Blue Moon

Molson Coors Beverages Co.'s Blue Moon has a number of iterations – it's the No. 1 craft brand, the No. 1 light craft brand with Blue Moon LightSky (soon to be Blue Moon Light) and a new Blue Moon Non -Alcoholic. All of these will be tied together with new packaging and an expanded “Made Brighter” marketing campaign. It’s also launching 19.2-ounce cans of Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-style Wheat Ale and Blue Moon Light to appeal to craft consumers in convenience stores.

In the on-premise, where Blue Moon is the No. 2 tap handle in the U.S., it aims to continue the momentum that’s led it closing the gap with the top spot by 25% this year. And it’s looking to end 2023 strong with a push during the holidays.

“We see Blue Moon as a beer that can be part of that celebratory experience during the holidays. Consumers are purchasing something special and we’re working to make Blue Moon their premium beer choice,” says Natalia Zaldivar, associate marketing manager for the brand.

For Thanksgiving, the Blue Moon team built off its successful Pie Pints program by releasing limited-edition Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasoning, coming in two varieties that encompass its signature Valencia orange peel flavor: Zesty Seasoning and Pie Pint Seasoning. It’s also giving consumers the chance to buy four-packs of its popular mini Blue Moon-inspired pies: Zesty Pumpkin Spice Pie, Tangy Citrus Apple Twist Pie, Key Lime Coconut Crumble Pie, and Chocolate Citrus Haze Pie.

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