Morgan Freeman Face of Grand Siecle

Morgan Freeman, the actor, has agreed to become the face of Grand Sicle, the most expensive Champagne Cuvee produced by Laurent Perrier.

He will be featured in a new advertising campaign in the U.S., UK, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, in both print and digital.  In Nigeria, the campaign will only be digital.

"We, laurent-Perrier, are different from our peers, or perceived as such. Our pursuit of excellence, because of our difference, has taken us more time, more effort, great perseverance and a strong belief in our vision to become recognized for what we do. It does take time to become an icon: for us, nobody but Morgan Freeman could better embody that line and become the face of Grand Siècle," said Stéphane Dalyac, president/ceo, Champagne Laurent-Perrier.

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