NABCA Tells Importance of Data in Bev/Al Success

With 6,400 operating breweries, more than 6,600 operating wineries, and more than 1,900 operating distilleries in the United States just what does it take to succeed in the beverage industry –  especially if your product involves spirits?  

National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association leadership and a supplier partner were guests answered that question on a media podcast addressing how important control state data is in informing sales and marketing decisions in the beverage alcohol marketplace.

President and CEO Neal Insley; Sr. VP Trade Relations, COO, David Jackson; and General Sales Manager- Control Region, Campari America, Sean Noble were interviewed by Kyle Swartz of On & Off.  The podcast looked at the U.S. and global alcohol industries, with a focus on retail trends and best practices.

“Control systems represent approximately 25% of the nation’s population and account for roughly 23% of distilled spirit sales and a significantly smaller percentage of beer and wine sales,” said Insley. NABCA has been in the data business for a long time, he added. NABCA has an 86-year history of collecting data from control systems across the U.S. “Plus, because our data is verified and accurate, there is a level of confidence from those who use NABCA data to report about sales trends and volume, which influences a company’s bottom line,” said Insley.

"Fishing in a pond that is fully stocked proves to be more successful for catching fish than casting a line into an open body of water to chance what may show up," said Jackson, NABCA COO, during the podcast.