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Disrupting The Old-School Tradition Of Wine Scores And Critics: Two Winemakers Show What’s Possible

Who’s calling the shots for evaluating wines, and why those people but not others? Is it time to revise the traditional model even further, and how so? What other models can be created, and experimented with? (Forbes)

Dan Berger On Wine: Wine's greatest enemy

interfering with both aroma and flavor is an element in wine that’s unfortunately inevitable — alcohol. A little alcohol is necessary to make fine wine. But too much alcohol can be a headache — figuratively and literally. High-alcohol wines have several drawbacks that most wine critics ignore, but which are maddeningly problematic. (Napa Valley Register)

Keep the Postal Service out of the alcohol business

The Postal Service is facing formidable challenges, and there are plenty of bad ideas to fix it. At the top of the list is legislation in the House of Representatives to allow the service to deliver beer, wine and spirits to homes. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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