Alta Napa Valley Vineyards Sues Brian Arden Vineyards, Says It Didn't Pay for Fruit Harvested in 2022

In a complaint filed in Napa County Superior Court, Alta Napa Valley Vineyards said it delivered 3.354 tons of Cabernet Franc at $8 a ton, but Brian Arden Vineyards didn't pay.  Now, interest has pushed the total due to more than $29,100, plus attorney and collection fees.

Arden said it didn't pay because of an "unexpected" vineyard audit "at the worst time" which the winery had to pay for.  Harlan agreed to the balance due but "refused to agree to the terms for repayment: proposed by the plaintiff, according to the complaint.

There are at least two other lawsuits against Brian Arden Wines for not paying.  Both of those arise from Arden Wines need to build a winery and tasting room after acquiring a 2.25 acre property for $1.1 million. In June 2012, the City of Calistoga, Calif., approved plans to build a 10,000-cases-a-year winery.  

In one lawsuit, Violet Kaplan of Phoenix, Ariz., alleged Brian Arden Wines didn't replay her 2014 investment.

In the second, the winery received a $4.9 million loan from First Community Bank and $3.4 million from an equity investor.    

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