NBWA Elects Fabiano as Chairman

Jim Fabiano II, CEO of Fabiano Brothers in Michigan was named chairman of the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

On the concluding day of its annual convention, NBWA also presented Luke Dahlheimer of Dahlheimer Beverage in Minnesota this year’s Kenny Kerr PAC Award. The award is named after NBWA's first PAC chairman.

West Side Beer received the Whitey Littlefield Award, which honors distributors who go the extra mile to grow the NBWA PAC.  

In other activity at the convention, Gavin Hattersley, CEO, Molson Coors Beverage Co., acknowledged threats facing the industry, including "some folks (who) doubt beer's ability to grow in the future." But he expressed confidence that beer – whether in thee U.S. or elsewhere in the world, doesn't just have a right history, but "a very bright future."

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