Nelson's Green Briar

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Stefan Parsons is showcasing the renowned Nelson's Green Brier Distillery Tennessee Whiskey brand on his suit and 07 SS GreenLight Racing Chevrolet Camaro during the highly anticipated Nashville Superspeedway Xfinity Series race on Saturday, June 24.

The two have connected legacies. During Prohibition, bootleggers would race to transport liquor, like moonshine and whiskey, to mainly rural areas in the Southeast, often revamping their cars to support the heavy loads and speed. In North Carolina, drivers would race through Appalachia around tight turns and over mountains to avoid police. The unique skill it took to manage the roads impressed bystanders along the way and ultimately led to the sport of stock car racing’s inception.

“Given our industries intertwining histories for nearly 90 years, a partnership with Stefan felt like a natural fit,” said Andy Nelson, co-founder of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.

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